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Executive Search Overview

Hudson Associates, LLC, has provided career assistance to insurance professionals for more than 22 years. We are hired by some of the finest employers in the insurance industry to search out specific individuals for their positions, most of which are never advertised. Secondly, we function as your confidential career liaison to assist you in securing the best opportunity for your career and personal needs. This includes providing you with extensive company information to assist you in the interview process and personal coaching to assure the best possible outcome, not to mention on-going career advice and counsel as desired. Plus, as a part of strategically located executive search firms from coast to coast, we know of superb opportunities across the United States.

Proven Search Expertise...

Insurance... home office, sales & marketing, field distribution, advanced sales support, IBD's, IMO's, Accounting and Consulting Firms, Senior Management, Guaranty Associations, Reinsurance.

Presidents & CEO's... Selected industries on a case by case basis

This is only a sampling of the positions we work. Please contact us for more specific information about your search.

Our value added services include extensive background development that is submitted with every resume, cost-of-living comparisons, salary surveys, and inside information that is not available without a trusted third party.

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