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Considering a change in your insurance career

Thank you for considering the use of Hudson Associates, LLC for your career alternatives. The following is designed to introduce you to the services we offer.

Hudson Associates, LLC has provided career assistance to individuals for more than 22 years. We work from coast to coast and concentrate on positions generally at compensation levels of $70,000 TO $500,000.

While our primary contacts are in major metropolitan cities, we continue to find ourselves conducting searches in those quaint communities from coast to coast. We truly serve a market from California to New York.

Our work is generated in two ways. First, we are hired by client companies to search out specific individuals for their positions. Secondly, when we become aware of professionals with developed skills in an industry we work within, we function as their confidential liaison to assist them in networking their next move.

Additionally, we have become a part of a network of strategically located executive search firms from coast to coast. This allows the prosspective candidate to inspect those constantly emerging opportunities in the mid and upper markets throughout the United States. Please be comforted to know that we do not share your name or resume with any company or search firm unless we have discussed the opportunity with you and received your permission to reveal your identity.


We will provide you with an in-depth interview. From our notes, we will assist you with your own written information. We will assist you with the preparation of your resume in our specific format.

Prior to the company interview, we will provide you with as much information as possible in order for the interview to be a valuable use of your time. In most cases, we have extensive client company information to assist you, along with our comments on the culture and style of the company and individuals. In addition, we will coach you on proper interview techniques; provide ongoing feedback during the process; help you in gathering additional information; assist in compensation negotiations; counsel you on how to best resign your position; and support you right up to the first day at your new company; and throughout your career.

There are never any monetary charges to you at any time; our client companies assume all fees.


First, we ask you to internalize and establish the criteria determining the necessary factors and circumstances in order for you to seriously consider a different position.

Communication from you during and after the interview is vital. We can't represent you properly without this information.

In essence, you may be the person we are seeking on behalf of one of our client corporations at the current time or in the future. We are an effective way for you to further you career goals.

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