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Are you tired of all the Search Firms telling you that they can produce better people? At Hudson Associates, LLC we will not make that claim. Most firms are searching the same talent base. Our motto is "If you want to hire superior people, first you must define superior performance."

Everyone has a need to hire superior people, don't they? Then why do so many hiring decisions yield employees who are average performers at best, and terrible employees at worst?

In the case of these less-than-stellar-outcomes, perhaps there's an underlying cause. Too many hiring managers create job descriptions that are really laundry lists of candidate "requirements." When these lists drive the interview process, hiring results suffer. The selection process becomes focused on what the candidates must "have" to get the job, instead of what the candidates must "do" once they're on the job. It's difficult to hire superior performers in these scenarios, because there's been no definition of what superior performance actually is.

We will help you define superior performance... how will we do that?

A. Make a list of the top 5-8 things a person must do to be successful on the job.

B. Take a look at your current job description in light of the list you've created, and convert each "having" requirement into an action oriented "doing" task.

C. Put these deliverable tasks into priority order.

D. Add supporting objectives.

GET S.M.A.R.T. turn each task into a S.M.A.R.T. objective.

At Hudson Associates, LLC we will assist you in knowing how to define superior performance. You will be much more likely to hire superior performers as you go through the selection process. After all, isn't it easier to define something when you can describe what you are looking for?

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