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OUR HISTORY… Hudson Associates, LLC has a long standing history of successful placement dating back our incorporation in 1989. Our Principal, George A. Hudson, has been actively involved in executive search industry since 1984. Our active database includes more than 20,000 names and contacts in addition to numerous sources for networking.

THE DISCIPLINES WE SERVE… Our search expertise has been developed over the last 22 years. We serve most areas and disciplines of insurance and financial services. If you need an executive level officer, we work within most industries at the upper levels.

THE CHALLENGE… One only has to read the headlines from the last 3-4 years to realize that American companies have been invaded at the Presidential and CEO levels by individuals who have misled, mismanaged, and deceived stockholders, boards of directors, and trustees for their own advantage. Trials are going on from coast-to-coast in an attempt to hold top Executives accountable for their extravagant and luxurious lifestyles at the expense of their companies….not to mention SEC violations. At Hudson Associates, LLC we take our pledge seriously to find an individual who fills your need and has a documentable and verifiable track record of honesty, integrity, and conscientious fiscal leadership. That is our pledge to you!

Getting The Job Done For You is the commitment that Hudson Associates, LLC makes to both clients and candidates.

Our Value Added Services include extensive background development that is submitted with resumes, cost-of-living comparisons, salary surveys, and insider information that is not available without a trusted third party.


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